How do i get rid of top and bottom cut off from my plasma screen?

Answer its easy click I for info then click cut the it shouldor get a knife!

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Can plasma screen tilted will it damage the plasma screen?

yes. most can tilt about 10 degrees back or forward, beyond that you're taking a big risk. never, EVER, lay a plasma tv flat. Even if you're moving it and it's turned off. The heavy glass can be... Read More »

The bar showing the programs I am running has moved from the bottom to the side of the screen?

* Right mouse click on it and ensure "lock the taskbar" is unticked.* Left click and hold on a clear area of the task bar and drag to the bottom* Now Right click again and this time select "lock th... Read More »

Is plasma in blood used in plasma screen televisiosns?

In plasma TVs, there are two layers of glass and in between them, there is a mixture of xenon and neon gases. When heated, the form the colors, different colors at different temperatures. Blood pla... Read More »

Is there a way to hide an open window from displaying on the bottom tool bar of a computer screen?

You could just set the Task Bar to Auto-Hide. This way all apps tasks buttons are hidden until you move your mouse to the bottom of the monitor window.I'm still using Windows XP, and set to Auto-H... Read More »