How do i get rid of this frost bite?

Answer Miranda, Ok before you think I'M an idiot, here's the scoop. Your story is completely unbelievable. Unless there was pressure applied to the ice the burns would not happen. Therefore, it isn... Read More »

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Is dry Ganggrene the same as frost bite?

gangrene*It's a collection of bacteria that causes it may have the same effect but it isn't caused the same way.It's associated with diabetes and/or long-term smoking [I would know... my da... Read More »

Minor frost bite HELP!?

Im In the same situation and I read heaps of articles, maybe put some burn treatment cream and dont scratch if/when it gets itchy, if it peels dont pull off skin, u can google ice and salt burn and... Read More »

Frost bite on both feet?

No, if the frost bite isnt severe, then the tissues can still be salvaged and it wont require amputation. The person could safely walk again after about one week...

If we had no clothes, would frost bite be a problem?

lmao of courseif your skin gets very cold it will become 'frost bitten' as we call it, you can still get hypothermia and die in fact without clothes the whole process would be much quicker...out of... Read More »