How do i get rid of these dry patches on my face?

Answer You should try organic shea, avocado, or cocoa butters these products works wonders on dry, peeling, cracked skin. If you like to try it, i will leave a link below to where i get them from. Hope th... Read More »

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How do I get rid of the dry patches on my face skin?

You should probably start using a product that's a bit more friendly for your skin than toothpaste, but until then, there ARE steps you can take!If you can get your hands on a facial moisturizer (i... Read More »

How to Lighten Dark Patches on the Face?

Dark patches on the face, often called "sun spots" or "age spots," are caused by many factors, including age, pregnancy, sun exposure, cigarettes, genetics or hormones, among other causes. They are... Read More »

How to Use Essential Oils on Dry Patches on the Face Cheeks?

You need to take special care when using essential oils (EO) on your skin, especially on the sensitive skin on your face. Essential oils are the concentrated oils of the plants they are derived fro... Read More »

Im pushing 30 and I got dry patches on my face ! My mom thinks she's a man and didnt teach me anything. Help ?

Looks like you have combination skin.When some spots are dry and some arn't. Look for an oil free moisturizer for combination skin!This will help moisten the dry areas and lessen the oil in the non... Read More »