How do i get rid of inner lips in my vagina?

Answer If you have such concerns you really need to have your doctor check you. If there was no tearing or bleeding during your boyfriends stupid actions then you should be alright. It does sound like vag... Read More »

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Helpppp for bad breath... my inner cheeks and inner lips are covered by a whitish color that smells very bad?

You may have an infection called thrush or if youre taking a new medication it may be a side effect from that. Smoking can also cause it. You should get it checked out if this is just starting

What is the actual purpose of lipstick Is it for making your lips look more like the lips of a happy vagina?

If it helps any, you could try to picture Mick Jagger and the Stones tongue logo next time she's telling you about the weather and how hot she's been feeling lately.Apropos of nothing, I'm currentl... Read More »

Zits on vagina lips Normal?

it depends. if it looks justl ike a normal breakout of like one pimple. that is CLEARLY a zit. then that is okay. should take precautions against it. this means she's not being very clean... Read More »

Is pregnancy possible if the penis rubbed against the outer lips of the vagina without pre-ejaculate fluid?