How to Get Rid of Anger Without Anger Management Classes?

Answer Have You ever been so mad you wanted to kill that person? Have you been mad enough to start boxing a pillow? If you have done any of these related things then here are some ways to control that ang... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Anger?

There are many ways to control anger so that you don't become angry in the first place, but even the calmest of us lose our patience sometimes. So what do you do when that anger has already develop... Read More »

How do i control anger?

Go to the website There is excellent material there which explains anger, from 'What is Anger' to giving clear answers to how to express angry feelings assertively, but not in a threa... Read More »

Anger in children?

A parent needs to get to the root of the anger of the child. The child should have a physical (to a degree) and blood workups done as well as other tests to be sure there is nothing physically wron... Read More »

How to Control Anger?

Everyone gets angry on occasion. If you're experiencing overwhelming rage, though, it could be damaging your mental and physical health. Here's how to control your emotions and calm yourself down.