How do i get rid of a trojan on my computer that i got from aim?

Answer You need to run some anti-virus software.. If you have some already installed, then just start scanning. If you don't have any, I think Mcafee is still giving a 30 free trail.

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Computer infected with Trojan plz help!!!?

It can be difficult to remove a virus from the drive on which the antivirus program is installed. If you have a friend with a good antivirus program, you should hook your hardrive up as a slave in... Read More »

How do I get a Trojan virus off a computer?

Download and install an anti-virus program if you do not already have one on your computer. Open your anti-virus program and run an update. This updates the virus library on the program to ensure i... Read More »

How do I get an unwanted trojan off my computer?

If you have an anti-virus, I suggest you make sure it has the latest virus definitions and run a scan with it. If you don’t have one, many people here swear by AVG (it’s free). I suggest you a... Read More »

Computer Viruses & Trojan Horses?

Microsoft defines a computer virus as "a small software program designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation." Viruses are a major threat to computers in... Read More »