How do i get rid of a trojan on my computer that i got from aim?

Answer You need to run some anti-virus software.. If you have some already installed, then just start scanning. If you don't have any, I think Mcafee is still giving a 30 free trail.

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Is it more likely that my computer will get virse or trojan if I do not use a web browser and use hyperlinks?

It makes no difference at all, the hyperlinks just open up a web browser window anyway. You can still get infected from web pages though, a good anti-virus is a must and there's enough free ones ab... Read More »

How do I remove a Trojan horse virus from a computer?

PreventionPrevent computer virus from infecting your computer in the first place. Trojan horses are rogue computer viruses that rob personal and sensitive information and relays the information to ... Read More »

How do i remove a trojan virus from a computer for free?

Trojan horse viruses can be nasty little buggers. They sneak into your computer by way of other file downloads. A Trojan usually masquerades as a safe file, such as a picture or a music file, but o... Read More »

How to remove trojan horse virus from the computer?

Try out this... But 107 MB Downloading of file...It's faster, smarter security that won't slow your computer down."AVG INTERNET SECURITY v9.0663"Banking and shopping onlineAVG Identity Protection K... Read More »