What are the consequences for leaving your contacts in over night....or over 7 nights?

Answer when u wake up arent ur eyes really dry?? it dries mine out if i even fall asleep w/ them for an hour. i always thought that was the reason. also probably bacteria can cause infection. i wouldnt we... Read More »

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My homemade cottage pie from last night has been in cold oven over night can I reheat it today help please?

Would it be better to put blistex or Carmex over a scabbed cold sore It needs to come off over night.?

Carmex is better, but i reccomend abreeva. It works amazing!!

What Saturday night live alumni and future Oscar night host was jay leno's first guest when he took over the tonight show on may 25 1992?

Had sex for the first time last nite now i have a really bad rash, yellow puss and pimple like sores all over?

eww thats gross go to the doctor right awaythats not normalim sorry