How do i get rid of a felony record?

Answer ReasearchLook up statutes for your state to determine if you are eligible to have your felony record expunged. Consult the rules of court for your jurisdiction to find which forms and legal documen... Read More »

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How to Erase a Felony Record?

Criminal convictions compromise your ability to find employment. Many professional associations, such as bar associations, deny membership to individuals who have been convicted of serious felonies... Read More »

How do i get an adult felony record expunged?

Do I qualify?Check your state statutes to determine whether your state allows expungement, and if so, whether your conviction qualifies. Not all states allow convictions to be expunged. Of the stat... Read More »

Can I become a cop with a felony record?

On One Hand: Convicted Felons Cannot Carry FirearmsFederal law prohibits convicted felons from carrying firearms, which would prevent you from becoming a police officer. According to the federal Of... Read More »

How do I remove a felony from a record?

ResearchNot all states allow felonies to be removed (also referred to as being expunged or set aside) from your record. Research your state statutes to determine whether your state has a provision ... Read More »