How do i get picture on to my labtop?

Answer You should have the SD card in the camera. Then you take the cable that you connect to your camera, and plug it in the USB outlet on your computer.A popup window will open and you should be able t... Read More »

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How do you make a scanned picture on Microsoft word to a real picture that you can put it as your picture on?

ok .. it can be done .. there is different ways .. dippending on the setuation u have .. try this : - right click on the pic in the word file > copy - then go to any folder on the your computer ... Read More »

I bought a new mouse and my labtop is?

Either used the driver disc that was possibly provided with the mouse, or go to the website of the device you purchased and download the driver. Another option, restart the computer with the hardw... Read More »

Why is my labtop screen white?

I am not sure I understand you correctly. Did you switch the screen of your laptop or did you buy an external monitor ?If you switched your laptop's screen: the screen is an LCD type film connected... Read More »

How can i clean my labtop screen?

Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, the ammonia can etch your screen.Buy a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol (about 70%) in a drug store. In a spray bottle add equal parts of:Isopropyl AlcoholWaterUs... Read More »