How do i get people to stop.....!!!?

Answer Number one...why do you care what people think of you? Never care, unless they're close to you. And still growing therefore you will have plenty of time gain some weight. And if you alrea... Read More »

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Why do people never stop behind the stop line?

I do. I stop completely and look for people crossing. But I also notice what you notice and it is lack of awareness and depending where they live, like in my area, there are seldom pedestrians usin... Read More »

Do you think people need to stop hating on what kind of music people like?

How to Stop Labeling People?

Labels are for soup cans not for peopleEveryday, we have social interactions, and are exposed to people we don't know. If you want to learn how to look past how people look, act, or dress, read on.... Read More »

How to Stop People From Following You?

Image:365 Days Day 307 Deer Stalker Richmond Park, London, England Sunday November 4th 2007.jpg251pxGetting annoyed at a stalker, whether it's a real one or not? Here's how to stop the situation. E... Read More »