How do i get over this hangover?

Answer Drink loads of Gatorade and take 2 advils. Works everytime. Drinking water alone is not helpful cause the minerals go through your system. You need gatorade to keep the nutrients and minerals in wh... Read More »

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Any fast ways to get over a hangover?

Here was my hangover cure in college. Nothing magic, but it helped:-1 bottle gatorade- 32 oz and drink as quickly as possible (electolytes and clense system)-2 multi vitamins (these replace the mi... Read More »

Can't shift this hangover?

Eat something salty and greasy.Grease helps loads for a hangover.

Is this a hangover or am I still drunk?

Sounds like you're hungover to me.And although I certainly appreciate that you chose to do this at home so that you didn't drive, it still is not a good idea to drink that much quickly. Testing you... Read More »

Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?