How do i get over the nerve on asking a girl out?

Answer Take a shot of Jack Daniels.

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How to Invite a Girl to Hang out over the Phone Without Her Thinking You're Asking Her Out?

If you're looking to "hang out" rather than "make out", it can be a little confusing to clarify this over a phone call. Here are some ideas.

Asking a girl out or not?

Does she know you back?I mean, there's an age gap... You should only ask her out if you think you have an actual shot... otherwise, it's not worth messing with a minor...

Asking a girl out on facebook.?

Try knocking on her door again. If there's still no answer, slip a note under the door telling her you'd like to talk to her and ask her to knock on YOUR door. Whatever you do, don't ask her out ... Read More »

How to Get Over a Fear of Asking People for Things?

If you have a fear of asking people for things you're one of three different type of people: You're either the person who is always asking people for things, the person who may need a favor every o... Read More »