How do i get over the nerve on asking a girl out?

Answer Take a shot of Jack Daniels.

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If you chipped your tooth and a small part of your nerve was showing how possible is it that the nerve will die?

AnswerWithout a root canal the chances are slim to none. You are in for some serious pain.Make a dental appointment. Or if money is an issue, contact a dental school to see if you can get low-cost ... Read More »

Have I cut a nerve?

I dont think you hit a nerve b/c you would have immense side affects like: swelling paralyzed on some areasidk...but go to the doc to check it out

Dog Nerve Disorders?

The nerves in a body control almost every movement that an animal or human makes. A disorder of the nerves can cause many problems that may or may not be treatable. In some cases, normal function w... Read More »

What is the sciatic nerve?

The sciatic nerve is the nerve formed by the nerve roots that come out of the spinal cord and go into the lower back. The sciatic nerve branches off and extends through the buttocks and down the ba... Read More »