How do i get out of the marines if i changed my mind?

Answer You might have joined the U.S. Marines after hearing an inspirational talk by an enthusiastic recruiter. After you signed all the paperwork, you have now reconsidered this plan and want to get your... Read More »

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Has anyone swore never to do it again, but changed your mind?

Just after having Joey I swore blind I would never want another, but the more I think about it the more I want another one soon, so that they are close in age etc.My hubby declared pretty much afte... Read More »

Has anything you've read here ever changed your mind?

The way I feed/fed my son. I had no idea WHEN to introduce table foods and, in turn, thought he'd be on jarred foods until he was 9+ months. I don't know why, really. I also had never heard about m... Read More »

Is Drew Carey getting married or has he changed his mind?

Are the U.S. Marines in The Hunt for Eagle One MARSOC marines or regular infantry marines?

Most likely MARSOC. I don't recall seeing a specific unit given in the film.