How do i get on welfare?

Answer First of all you're too young to qualify for welfare, you'll have to be 21 yrs old, unless you're what they call an independent minor. In that case your parents will have to be dead, you homeless a... Read More »

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Welfare Grants?

The U.S. federal government provides welfare payments to individuals and families who are struggling to meet their financial needs. Eligible recipients for payments include those who are unemployed... Read More »

What is the welfare of the child?

its being. looking out for best intrest making sure its clothed fed properly etc..having a good life and so on how its doing mentally phisically emotionally etc

Is welfare tax free?

Welfare payments that you receive for assistance with your necessary living expenses form government sources or any other source would NOT be taxable income that you would report on your 1040 incom... Read More »

How do i get welfare benefits?

In the United States, welfare has become a catchword for a handful of government programs that provide assistance for those in financial distress. Both federal and state governments offer a number ... Read More »