How do i get my youtube username frequently searched?

Answer You Put Your User Name in the tags on your video'sThere's not much you can do to get noticed reeli just . . *Put interesting video's on.*Put lots of words in your tags (=*Put Lots of video's on whe... Read More »

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I searched my username on Google and I can see EVERYTHING I have done online! :@?

Posting on the internet is free domain. Only information provided that is SPECIFICALLY stated that it is private can and should be kept private. Otherwise, any post you make on forums etc can easil... Read More »

Which one of these should be my YouTube username?

How aboutThe-Noiseless-Edge-Robot-That-Plays-Wi…

Help with YouTube username?

Personally, I like EzziHD. It gives a nice tang to it, and it's easy to remember. But if you want other suggestions.. here are some--------------------------------------…-Ezzivicious-Ezzick-Ezzikey

What should my youtube username be?

Have a look at these websites for ideas… generate names based on keywordsGood Luck