How do i get my volume on my direct tv to work the remote works and it was working fine last night but when i woke up this morning the volume wouldn't work?

Answer FOX on Saturday mornings (Sonic X)

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How do I make my SKY remote control volume buttons work as I have recently changed my TV?

Press the interactive button on your sky remote.Select option 5 Sky Customer ServiceThen Select Equipment help from the menu.Next select the question - How do i programme my sky remote...?Follow th... Read More »

How do you program direct tv remote for the volume?

No, the truth is Directv will push to have a phone line so they can keep track of pay per view's and for anti-piracy reasons. They might even go as far to say it will not work correctly or you will... Read More »

What is the code for Direct tv remote to control volume?

How can i connect my Direct tv remote to my tv i can't use my volume button?

on the keybord push menu and connect buuton and wait ,, what remot do u have..??