How do i get my real estate license in florida?

Answer According to the State of Florida, people interesting in selling real estate must secure a Florida real estate license. This requires meeting the necessary education requirements, completing a real... Read More »

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Can a canadian get a florida real estate license?

A Canadian can obtain a real estate license in Florida. It is not necessary to be a resident of the state, or even a United States citizen, to become a Realtor there. The Florida Real Estate Exam c... Read More »

How to Check for a Real Estate License in Florida?

Checking the status of a real estate license in Florida is easy. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation maintains a public database of all licensed professionals and busines... Read More »

How to Apply for a Florida Real Estate License?

You can be on your way to becoming a licensed professional.

Does a Florida Real Estate License Have Reciprocity With Illinois?

Florida has no reciprocity with Illinois for real estate licensing. It does have a process in place with nine other states that excludes the need for additional course work to obtain a Florida real... Read More »