How do i get my printer to connect to my computer ?

Answer If you go to the HP fabric site you probably find a driver you could download.Here's what I found:…

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How do i connect my desktop computer and printer wirelessly to my notebook computer?

The best way to connect multiple devices is with a Wireless Router. The Router will transfer the data between all three devices and can connect them either wired or wirelessly.So there are 2 types ... Read More »

How do i connect my printer on my computer?

Connect the printer cable from your PC to your printer. Install the software that came with the printer. Plug the printer into a power source. Add Paper.It should work.

Can i connect two printer in one computer?

If your operating system is Windows, then you have a wizard for installing as many printers as you want.First, install the software, then reboot if asked to, then plug in the 1st printer.Next, inst... Read More »

How do I connect my printer and computer?

If it worked before, then you have a cabling issue. If you did not use a USB cable before, then you probably had a printer cable. It has a "Centronix" plug on the printer end, and a "parallel"... Read More »