How do i get my penis off my girlfriend?

Answer Believe It or not peanut butter works best to remove supper glue.

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My girlfriend has a penis what should i do now?

Well, obviously trust wasn't a factor in the relationship on her end or she would have told you that she was transgendered in the first place.16x9 did a showpiece on transgenders... It's more commo... Read More »

Is there any way you can get your girlfriend pregnant if you washed your penis after you came?

If you washed after ejaculating and then had unprotected sex afterwards you could certainly get her pregnant. There would still be ejaculate in your penis.

Could your girlfriend be pregnant if the head of your penis accidentally touched the lips of her vagina?

No, unless you had semen on your dick. The only way to get a girl pregnant is to ejaculate into her vagina So always wear a condom unless you want to get her pregnant.

Do you think the man whose penis is shown on the Wikipedia article, "Penis" is embarassed ?

No, his face isn't showing so why would he be embarrassed?Don't know if I'd be embarrassed while the pics were taken..I don't have a penis.