How do i get my own email back on my info page..?

Answer Go to your profile... Go to edit information... Contact info editing... And in that you can manage which id people can see... Simple... Try it and let me know if that helps... You can mail me if yo... Read More »

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Back ground theme for google email page?

Hello, if you go to the top right and click on the gear symbol, and in the drop down select themes. Hope this worked!

How do you put a page on Wikipedia Info page for a website.?

First and foremost, do not waste your time. If your website is not notable, the article will be quickly deleted. So, before even thinking about writing an article on Wikipedia, gather up referenc... Read More »

When you send a fax, you get a page back... what is this page called?

I only get it if there is a problem with sending the fax, so I will say it is a status page.

How do I get my task bar back to the bottom of the page. I have XP home vers. and the bar is at top of page.?

that shouldnt have anything to do with spyware. right click on the bar and make sure that it is not "locked" After unchecking this, click and drag it down along the side and to the bottom. Annoyanc... Read More »