How do i get my monitor resolution higher than 1024 x 768 my laptop is vista?

Answer This has nothing to do with Windows Vista, per se. And, the graphics chip-set is likely not upgradeable.Laptop LCD screens only have ONE right Resolution Setting. It's called the Native Resolutio... Read More »

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Could l attach my1920x1200 laptop to a monitor and get a resolution higher than1920 x1200 in the attached mon?

How Do I Make the Resolution Higher on a Gateway Laptop?

Access Control PanelClick "Start," and then select "Control Panel." For Windows XP, click "Display" and then click the "Settings" tab. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, click "Personalization," and ... Read More »

Can I install a higher resolution screen on my laptop?

Simple answer is no, they are not replaceable.

Why don't TVs support higher resolution than its size?

i think it is not that much easy. Resultion is not only signifies the number of pixels / tiny elements.The clarity of the picture tube or LCD also divided by its scanning technique. There are two p... Read More »