How do i get my money back from

Answer Assuming you used a credit card, do a "chargeback". The ways to do this are detailed in very small print on your credit card statement, but you can call them up and let them know even before you g... Read More »

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How can i get money back from them whome i lent money before?

There is an old saying > "Never a lender or borrower be"I do not lend money, nor borrow it, so a clear concience without worryIf someone owes you, then just ask for it back, and if that doesn't wor... Read More »

How Do I Get Money Back From a Money Order I Didn't Use?

Banks treat money orders as cash equivalents because, under federal banking laws, money orders are next-day availability items and not subject to deposit holds. When you buy a money order, you must... Read More »

Having a problem that direct TV stole money from your Bank of America charge card How can you get this money back?

How to Get Money Back From a Company?

When a company overbills or charges you incorrectly, it can be disheartening. Especially when the company is a large corporation, it may seem impossible to recover the money. It is possible in many... Read More »