How do i get my laptop screen to show on my laptop&a remote screen?

Answer It's possible and extremely useful to split your laptop computer's visual power between the main screen and a remote screen you've set up somewhere else. You can shop online on one screen while kee... Read More »

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How to Get Laptop & Desktop Screen to Show at the Same Time?

Using your desktop monitor in addition to your laptop can be highly beneficial. Desktop monitors are bigger and using two monitors allows you to multitask. You can have your emails on one monitor w... Read More »

My laptop battery won't show on screen what it really is, how do I make it show the real battery life?

First make sure your battery is fine,then to calibrate the battery in bios.The problem still is not resolved.Your battery is broken.So you need to change a new one.

How do i hook up my dell laptop to a viewsonic video projector to show on a screen?

ConnectionsPlug the Dell laptop and ViewSonic projector into a power source. Connect the VGA male-to-male cable to the RGB input jack on the ViewSonic LCD projector. Plug the other end of the VGA c... Read More »

How to Hook Up My Dell Laptop to a ViewSonic Video Projector to Show on a Screen?

Dell laptops are equipped with a variety of ports for hooking up peripherals and external components, including monitors and projectors such as a ViewSonic video projector. An S-video socket on the... Read More »