How do i get my hp1212 pro laser jet printer to go back to printing one sided?

Answer Go to printer properties in the control panel and reset it. No duplex

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Which printer is better for sticker paper printing laser printer or dot-matrix printer?

Inkjet is probably the best, but if you don't have access to an inkjet printer, you would be better off with a laser printer... HOWEVER -- make sure the sticker paper you are using is MADE FOR LASE... Read More »

Is printing on the reverse side of a printed A4 paper bad for the one sided printer?

HiThere is no danger but on a laser printer, you will damage the drum eventually and much faster than expected.On a deskjet, it is another story since the cartridge are incorporated with the head o... Read More »

Is there a way to get back double-sided printing under Windows Vista?

Its a function of the driver. It is available under vista if the driver supports it. You might want to visit the local Kinkos.


You may have a defective black toner cartridge. Hopefully you have all your old cartridges still. Put all the old cartridges back in and see if it works OK. If it does, then start replacing them wi... Read More »