How do i get my hp1212 pro laser jet printer to go back to printing one sided?

Answer Go to printer properties in the control panel and reset it. No duplex

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Which printer is better for sticker paper printing laser printer or dot-matrix printer?

Inkjet is probably the best, but if you don't have access to an inkjet printer, you would be better off with a laser printer... HOWEVER -- make sure the sticker paper you are using is MADE FOR LASE... Read More »

Is printing on the reverse side of a printed A4 paper bad for the one sided printer?

HiThere is no danger but on a laser printer, you will damage the drum eventually and much faster than expected.On a deskjet, it is another story since the cartridge are incorporated with the head o... Read More »

Is there a way to get back double-sided printing under Windows Vista?

Its a function of the driver. It is available under vista if the driver supports it. You might want to visit the local Kinkos.

Is a laser printer or an inkjet printer better for printing mailing labels (Avery style labels)?

I'd prefer a laser printer for mailing labels because the ink won't smear if it gets wet. The drawback is that laser printers and accessories usually cost more than inkjet.