How do i get my hp printer on line?

Answer For XPTurn printer onStart SettingsPrinters and faxesLeft click the printer iconClick the word print... Read More »

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How line printer & thermal printer different from laser printer?

A line printer uses metal or carbide tipped pins to strike a ribbon placing dots on the paper to form characters or images as the paper moves past. It is basically considered a dot-matrix printer.A... Read More »

My HP Deskjet 6840 printer has gone "off line" and wont print. How do I get it back "on line" Help please?

Read the fine manual.If you've been silly and thrown it out, here's the HP Support page where you can download it again.…

HP Printer "Off-line"?

I am having the same problem and my printer is TURNED ON ( for those who told you to turn your printer on and it would be fixed ). This is what I was told to do. Unplug USB while the computer is of... Read More »

My printer will not work and it says it is off-line what do I do?

If it says its online turn on the printer. If after that it still says offline, right click on it, and you will see that where it says Use printer offline has a checkmark. Click on it and this will... Read More »