How do i get my dell 810 printer and scanner to actually scan?

Answer To scan an image with Vista or Windows 7...Go to Start...All Programs....Windows photo Gallery or any other photo program the File Tab and select "Import from Camera or Scanner"... Read More »

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I have a dell insperion n7110 & a canon mg2120 pixma scanner/printer how can i scan pictures and then transf?

Just install the software(in the DVD) which you got with your scanner. Then when you will connect your scanner to computer, then inside MY COMPUTER in the Drives with removable storage you will se... Read More »

PLEASE HELP! My scanner won't scan, why It's out of ink (also a printer) but it should scan?

Have you tried re installing the driver for your scanner? then reboot and reinstall your driveran up to date driver from manufacturer site is the best thing to start with

How to scan on hp scanner/printer?

If it came with a disk then the drivers are probably there. Otherwise here is a link. Just follow the prints to download and you should be okay.…

My HP Scanner/Printer won't scan?

Most printers have a manual that is in your computer. Mine is under all programs in the start menu. I am willing to bet yours is too. Maybe you can figure out what is wrong from the manual. The onl... Read More »