How do i get my comp to play a song at start up?

Answer Go to My ComputerC:\ Drive WindowsMedia FolderThis is where the sounds for Windows areLook down the list for Windows XP StartupRight click on it and select Rename.Now just put a X at the front of t... Read More »

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In the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air what is the romantic jazz song that they always play whenever any of the characters do a romantic scene - in several episodes they play this song in the CD player?

My comp has started to switch it's self off and restart,so where do i start?

It WILL be overheating - 99% certainty.(If it's does an 'emergency shutdown' - ie. it just powers down / shuts off and not an official 'reboot')Open the case & check the CPU & power supply fans are... Read More »

Help somehow i have lost the bar/tray at the bottom of my comp. where it says start . how do i get it back?

USB cable got pulled out and comp shut down. It wont start back up was beeping that stop what could the prob b?

Bad news: Your motherboard is probably fried. The USB bus has 2.5 to 5 volts running through it. The users at my work fried a server's mobo by setting a table leg on a USB cable (if you've never... Read More »