How do i get my boobs to grow bigger quick and naturally!!!?

Answer IMHO every answer is stupid. There is a fairly good way. Do some dumbbell flyes. It's an exercise. It will develop the muscles under the breasts. On a man it makes "great pecs". On a chick it... Read More »

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How can i grow bigger boobs naturally and quickly?

Okay, first things first: you should be proud of your body regardless of how big or small your breasts are. I know it sounds cliche but it's true. I went through the same struggle when I was arou... Read More »


okay i know u probably dont want to here this but u dont stop growing til like 21 or sometin plus it happened to my mom over night but lucky for u i know foods and crap k listen good.*rub warm oliv... Read More »

How to make your boobs bigger naturally?

Drink milk a lot! Rub them or have a guy rub them I you rub them everyday with your hands or even lotion they will go up a CUP six in about a month. You dant have to get pregnant or wear a padded b... Read More »

How to make boobs look bigger and grow?

I only know one remedy which I've heard is quite effective.EAT PAPAYA :DLike really, the small green papayas apparently, though its not really easy to find. Normal papayas are okay as well, papaya ... Read More »