How do i get my ankle to stop hurting?

Answer Try to move it around as much you can. It's sore because your ankle is stiff. Ice it as well.

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How do you get a twisted ankle to stop hurting?

Keep weight off it, apply ice, and elevate above the level of the heart.

How do you make your ankle stop hurting?

Keep weight off of it, ice it, and elevate your ankle.If it is really serious, then go to a doctor's office.

Hurt my ankle need help make it stop hurting?

Do not bear weight on it. Elevate it. Ice for 20 mins then off for 20 mins if that feels good ( it may not). Wrap in an ace bandage. Take an aspirin for pain ( or whatever you usually take for pain)

My back of my ankle hurting!?

It could be just really bad cramps i get them sometimes. But it sounds like it could be more than that, try icing it for a little bit on and off and definitely have a doctor check it out!