How do i get my Snickers bar back from a goat?

Answer Just eat the goat. We are all one with the snickers. It won't taste as good though...

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Where did the Snickers bar come from?

Snickers bars were created by the Mars candy company in 1930. Frank and Ethyl Mars founded the company in the early 1900s. They named the nougat, caramel, peanut and chocolate creation "Snickers" a... Read More »

Where did the name Snickers come from?

According to Mars, Inc. and its affiliates, Frank Mars invented the candy bar Snickers in 1930. Named after a favorite family horse, each Snickers bar is packed with 16 peanuts, nougat, caramel and... Read More »

Goat Health: How to Graft a Baby Goat?

Grafting a baby goat is the process of getting a lactating goat to accept and nurse another goat's kid as her own. The most common reasons for needing to graft a goat baby include the death of a mo... Read More »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pound Cake Or A Snickers Bar Which from this list do you like better?

Chocolate Chip Cookie- my ultimate favorite cookie and Snickers, my ultimate favorite candy bar! Pound cake with strawberries and whip cream-mmmhhmmmm! Goodnight Scooter!