How do i get makeup out of cashmere?

Answer A luxurious fabric made from goat hair, cashmere is soft to the touch and warm on a cold day. If your favorite cashmere sweater gets stained with makeup, your best bet is to treat the fabric right ... Read More »

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What is cashmere yarn?

Ask knitters what yarn they would take to a desert island, and many will respond "cashmere." This luxury fiber is warm, soft, and makes beautiful sweaters, scarves or shawls.Cashmere GoatsThe downy... Read More »

Is pashmina cashmere?

"Pashmina" is the Indian word for cashmere, a soft, luxurious fiber woven from the wool of the Kashmir goat. Marketers commonly use the term "pashmina" to refer to items made of cashmere wool or a ... Read More »

Is it possible to dye an old cashmere sweater?

You can dye an old cashmere sweater (or any animal-fiber sweater) to give it a new look and get more use out of your investment. You can dye a sweater using Kool-Aid drink mix, Easter egg dyes or a... Read More »

How to Buy a Cashmere Blanket?

Cashmere is a type of wool that is harvested from the Cashmere goat's undercoat fibers. It has fine, soft fibers and is very insulating without being bulky. The natural color of cashmere wool is fo... Read More »