How do i get internet if i dont have a phone or cable?

Answer you don't

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Does anyone know a wifi provider that i dont need to get cable or phone service?

The simplest way to get WiFi is to sign up with a cable or phone company and lease their WiFi enabled equipment. However you don't want to go that route. So what is left is signing up with a wire... Read More »

Is it a bad idea to get rid of my land line phone and switch to cable/ internet phone?

Can't beat having a hardwired landline.They are still available cheap. No bells and whistles under $25.00.If you have service problems or complaints, they have to resolve them ASAP, try that with ... Read More »

If i dont have internet on my phone how can i upload pictures to facebook?

Duh, download them from your phone to a pc with internet and then upload them to facebook?

Comcast internet, phone and cable?

I suggest you drop the phone service which is expensive, Buy a magic jack VOIP USB device and connect your regular analog home phone to the jack and you can use your own answering machine. Your ca... Read More »