How do i get internet access on a samsung home entertainment system?

Answer Try restoring the settings to factory default. To do this press and hold the 5 button on the front panel for 5 seconds or more - if that does not help then info below might help you find someone to... Read More »

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I have s Samsung 5.1 blu-ray 3D home entertainment won't play a new blu-ray disc..?

Reading 2nd similar complaint of Samsung blu-ray this day. Samsung is know for such playback problems and failures in its PC DVD drives. The guy with similar complaint updated his player, but the p... Read More »

Home entertainment system to suit my new Samsung 8000 series Tv?

That is a great TV. But you do not need to spend huge amounts of money for a decent HT sound system.What you want to AVOID are the box systems where you get a DVD/BlurRay drive built into a skinny ... Read More »

Home entertainment system?

There is a LOT of issues with a projector including:* You need total light-control in the room for a projector* You need power and cable runs to the ceiling where the projector will be installed* A... Read More »

What is a home entertainment system?

Home entertainment systems consist of audio devices, speakers, televisions and visual recording and playing devices specifically combined and configured to the tastes of the owner. The individual u... Read More »