How do i get him to notice me on facebook?

Answer Some guys dont notice things. Your better off taing the chance and adding him. you only live once.

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If I block someone on Facebook but not delete them will they notice?

when you block someone, they are automatically removed from your friends listunless you are confusing "blocking" someone with "not letting them see your status update"

What is this Facebook Legal Notice Email?

It's a scam. Facebook can use your name, and pic, ect... Because people never read the entire terms & conditions thing... So just delete it, and don't reply... If anything is real you would hear ab... Read More »

How do you stop Facebook to send you notice through your email?

Under Account settings (the 2nd link at the very top right corner of Facebook), go to the Notifications tab.Here you can control the majority of e-mailed notifications. You will also have to manual... Read More »

Did anyone else notice their news feed change on Facebook today?

Now there's a News Feed and a Live Feed.I KNOW. I was on it at school and it was normal, then i went on just a few hours later at home and it had this News Feed/Live Feed! i hate it!but idk h... Read More »