How do i get google not to show the sites i been looking at ?

Answer Delete your history and cookies. Go into control panel and click on Internet options. it will open up another window and you can do both there.

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What have you been surprised to find looking in Google Earth?

I was a bit surprised to see that even after almost a year, Google still have my previous car outside my

How is it that some sites show up in google with my search terms but when I enter they don't have any of them.?

Most likely reason is that the page has changed since Google last crawled it. What I mean by that is, when you search Google you aren't searching the current version of webpages, but a database sto... Read More »

I am looking for an article with specific words on Google, and when i search it the links do show up?

when you are typing them, Google is showing all sorts of results, not necessarily articles. You can do one thing, after you get a search result with any of the keyword, look at the right side of th... Read More »

I know about free webs and like google sites, but are these just as good as sites you have to pay for?

Search engines do not care how much you spend, free hosts with a proper domain name will do as well as paid ones.