How do i get google chrome and internet explorer back?

Answer Simple - do a system restore.

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Which Is the best (Google Chrome or Internet Explorer )?

Google chrome of course its much more faster and it also resists additional toolbar-it have a good view-Much more easy to use-Have many facilitiesso Google chrome is best

Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

NO!!!!!IE is SLOW,GOOGLE CHROME is more fluid and faster then that of any browser :)…

Is chrome google better than internet explorer v 8?

Google Chrome is way better than Internet Explorer although many people use Internet Explorer because it helps speeds up the loading websites and organizes bookmarks and tabs.

What is better Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

Google Chrome because it's:FasterDoesn't crash all the timeCustomizableOpera's really good on all three accounts two but you get less downloadable things for it.Google also has a great user-friendl... Read More »