How do i get digital tv over an analog line?

Answer As of June 2009, all full-power TV stations in the United States have ceased to broadcast in analog format and have gone completely digital. This does not mean that analog televisions not connected... Read More »

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What are analog and digital systems and give examples of analog and digital?

Analog systems are what I call wave systems. They have a value that changes steadily over time and can have any one of an infinite set of values in a range. Analog systems are what I call wave syst... Read More »

Analog-to-digital conversion is better then digital to analog?

Will the over-the-air digital TV signal strength increase when they turn off the analog?

Actually the legislation lets (doesn't require) stations to take up to three years after February 17 to maximize their signals (go to full power on their final channel).That said, yes, there will b... Read More »

Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?