How do i get back to normal with drinking alcohol?

Answer Perhaps he should give thanks and not worry about alcohol any more;it might well have been a the best thing that ever happened to him!(Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.)⟣

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Is this normal after drinking alcohol?

You're drinking too fast. If you had some more then you would've just passed out. Hard liquor especially needs to be drank real slow. Sip a glass over the course of an hour.If you drink too much... Read More »

How long after a tonsillectomy is it okay to drink alcohol and just get back to normal life?

starting day 10 post op you can eat mostly normal foods and do mostly normal need to wait until day 21 post op to...-eat rough foods like pop corn, chips, and pretzels-drink alcohol-... Read More »

Does anyone else not like drinking alcohol with food?

I am the same way. We will cook out and have big get-togethers with friends, everyone will be drinking beer or their choice with their food, I can't. I think it tastes horrible. I usually wait u... Read More »

Does anyone else break out With after drinking alcohol?

Break out with what? Hives? Zits? If you break out with anything after you consume alcohol you may be allergic to it, which is not uncommon. If that's the case, avoid it.