How do i get a toilet bowl clean?

Answer PreparationEmpty the toilet bowl by shutting off the water at the valve behind the toilet. Flush the toilet once or twice to remove the majority of the water in the bowl.CleaningAdd 1/4 to 1 cup of... Read More »

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How do I clean stains on toilet bowl rim?

Spray a quality toilet cleaning product onto the top rim of the toilet. Let the cleanser sit on the rim of the toilet for 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub the rim down with a nylon bristle brush. Wipe away t... Read More »

How do I clean a toilet bowl rim hole?

Use White VinegarPour 3 cups of white vinegar around the sides of the toilet bowl, and let it sit for 30 minutes, which will provide enough time for the vinegar to work its way down into the bottom... Read More »

How do I keep a toilet bowl clean?

Pour 1/2 cup of bleach into the toilet at least once per week. Let the bleach soak for 10 minutes. Scrub with a long-handled toilet bowl brush. Scrub the top brim of the toilet, around the water li... Read More »

How do I clean a moldy toilet bowl?

Use BleachPour 2 cups of bleach into your toilet bowl before going to bed. The next morning, scrub the moldy toilet bowl with your toilet brush. Let it sit for at least 2 hours, and flush your toil... Read More »