How do i get a stuck DVD drawer open DVD is still inside.?

Answer That depends on the player.Some have a small unmarked hole on the surface below the drawer. Insert a straightened paperclip and push to release the mechanism. Others have a slot or screw on the bot... Read More »

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How do you fix the drawer on your Memorex MVBD2520 Blu-Ray Player The disc drawer is stuck in the open position I kinda know what's wrong with it but I can't figure out how to fix it?

Unless there is something stuck in the CD tray or the gears are jammed, you should be able to engage the gear to close the drawer by pushing the drawer closed (not too hard) with your hand.

I have got a dvd stuck inside my dvd machine, how can i open t.?

poke a needle through the small hole on the front of your dvd drive & that should release the mechanism.Failing that, you'll need to get out your screw driver & open up the unit. It's only a few sc... Read More »

Help. how can i open the drawer?

You might be able to use a needlenose pliers, if you have the skinny kind.A locksmith may be able to help you, most keep old keys, and the key that opens this is not particularly high tech. I can ... Read More »

How to open an overfilled drawer?

A flat blade dinner knife has the flatness and the length to slide between the top of the drawer and and the top frontal edge of the drawer frame to help push the blockage down when you slowly ease... Read More »