How to Make Your Close Friend Like You As More Than a Friend?

Answer It is really depressing when one of your close friends of the opposite sex is beginning to appeal to you more. It changes the way you feel about them, and everyone around you. You may be beginning ... Read More »

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How to Get Close to a Friend?

Getting close to a friend can establish a union that lasts a lifetime. From your first kiss to fourth divorce, a close friend knows all your secrets but wouldn't tell a soul. If you suspect someon... Read More »

How to Get Your Close Friend Back?

Your friend is not talking to you? Did you have problems with each other? Don't worry. Get your friend back because they are special.

How to Get Through a Fight With a Close Friend?

Are you in a heated fight with your best friend? Here's how to get it over with.

If you add someone as a "close" friend on facebook do they know?

No they do not know unless you tell them or they see. Or they can assume if you like every single one of their posts, unless it's actually your close friend