How to Make Your Close Friend Like You As More Than a Friend?

Answer It is really depressing when one of your close friends of the opposite sex is beginning to appeal to you more. It changes the way you feel about them, and everyone around you. You may be beginning ... Read More »

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What should I do my brothers really close friend just died and I dont know how to comfort him without him yelling at me?

You really like this boy and your friend likes him to how do you get this boy to like you?

Start by showing interest in him. If he doesn't even know you're interested, he won't consider you as a possibility. so little subtle hints that you're interested would definitely help. You never k... Read More »

Friend wants me to keep him in house at weekend not allow him out to buy heroin can he really stop like this?

No, no and thrice NO!!!!You are not qualified to deal with this. He may become ill or get violent when you deny him heroin. He needs to visit a professional rehabilitation clinic. I fyou reallya ... Read More »

How do you close a wiki site (like just close it so people can't edit it, get rid of it w/e)?

Okay, El, relax. This is a common problem, and there's a way out. What you should do is (a) steal the OC's back from those two people, (b) put a word of your own in front of the names, (c) add your... Read More »