How do i get a phone book?

Answer While it seems most people have a smart phone or use the Internet to find out information, some people still prefer looking up numbers in their local phone book. A hard copy of a phone book especia... Read More »

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Where can get a phone book. I need a Cochran,GA book. They use Com South. I only use a cell phone.?

You should just call customer service at Bell South. They are glad to send them out.

How do I list my phone number in the phone book?

Phone Company ListingsCall the phone company and tell them you want to be listed. For many residential phone customers, it's that simple. Commercial customers may have to pay to be listed, but whit... Read More »

When was the last time you actually used a phone book, such as yellow book or yellow pages?

A phone book has many uses:1) It can be used as a doorstop2) It can be used as a pedestal for your monitor3) It can be used as a scrapbook for those newspaper cuttings that you've painstakingly col... Read More »

How do I rip a phone book?

Grip the top edge of the phone book with your pinky and ring fingers with your palms facing down. Line the edges of your pinky fingers up with the outside edges of the phone book so there is as muc... Read More »