How do i get a ghost out of my house?

Answer Hello Rooilugo, It depends,,,, i can understand why you put this ? in the health section if this Being is causing you sleep deprivation.First let me tell you that i am sorry that this is happening ... Read More »

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I have a ghost in my new house - how do i get rid of it?

How to Get a Ghost out of Your House?

Ghosts do not necessarily show themselves to you, but the common signs are being watched, unexplainable events happening, and the rest.You've just moved, and you have always been feeling bad about ... Read More »

I just saw a ghost in my house?

Would you purchase a house with a ghost in it?

If you truly believe in ghosts, then they exist wherever you may chose to go or live. But, if you feel that upon inspection a house has ill feeling, then you would probably best avoid buying it. ... Read More »