How do i get a copy of a filed marriage settlement agreement?

Answer Contact the Court ClerkContact the court clerk where you filed the divorce. Some courts require you to know the case name and number. Some court clerks will look up that information for you, but yo... Read More »

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Does it mean you have filed for marriage when your name appears in the public record for a marriage?

Individuals who seek to marry apply for a marriage license--a legal document authorizing the marriage. The couple completes a portion of the license before the ceremony, and the officiant signs and... Read More »

Can you get a class action settlement after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed in Ohio?

A pending Chapter 13 bankruptcy does not preclude you from receiving a class action lawsuit settlement payment. The payment must be reported to the bankruptcy court trustee, and you may be required... Read More »

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is used to legally settle an argument or dispute. According to Michigan Attorney Randall Shepard, a settlement agreement is a legal contract between two or more individuals t... Read More »

What is a contract settlement agreement?

A contract settlement agreement is drawn when there is a breach in the contract's original terms. The parties involved decide to reach a settlement agreement instead of taking the matter to litigat... Read More »