How do i get a NES emulator on my iPhone without jailbreaking it?

Answer Your question is very important for which I think you should go online and check this out: :)

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Does unblocking or jailbreaking an iPhone 4 stop it from being tracked and Can the phone companies track an iPhone 4?

The iPhone will always have the capability of being tracked unless you take off the gps service which will not stop it from being track but make it less accurate

How do your export you iphone Xcode project as a .ipa so that you can use it on your ipodtouch or iPhone without jailbreaking?

What is bad about jailbreaking your iPhone?

Nothing Really will install this app called Cydia which you'll get lots of cool stuff from but some of the things you might install from Cydia could effect your idevice (your iPhone) it co... Read More »

Do you need to pay the carrier after jailbreaking iphone 4 or 3GS?

No you don't because if you told the carrier your phone you jail broke your phone it could get bricked. Bricked means its deactivated and you can't use it anymore. Technically jailbreaking you phon... Read More »