How do i frugally prevent mold&mildew in an apartment?

Answer Keep the space dry and clean. Dirt provides a home and dampness helps mold and mildew flourish. Mildew and mold can be expensive to get rid of once they have taken control of your home. Both can be... Read More »

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How to Prevent Bedbugs in Apartment Buildings?

A blood-sucking scourge, bed bugs are a bane to landlords and tenants alike. Once present in a residence, remediation of the pest is costly, time-consuming and often ineffective. For this reason, m... Read More »

How to prevent more spiders coming into my apartment?

Unfortunately, there's no way to keep spiders out entirely. They are able to get in through the smallest spaces, so even if you kept the door closed all the time you would probably still see the oc... Read More »

I'm moving into an apartment that has been broken into before. What can I do to prevent it happening again?

You go right out first thing tomorrow morning and invest in the only tool suited for this kind of job:a Remington 870 12 gauge pump shotgun.The sound of you racking a round of double aught buckshot... Read More »

How to Live Frugally?

Knowing how to live frugally can be very beneficial in times of crisis as well as in daily living. Frugal living can begin one step at a time, and can be taken to any level that is comfortable and ... Read More »