How do i frame a web page?

Answer Using frames on a web page allows you to control more elements of the design and site use by displaying two or more web pages together in one. Instead of worrying about navigation menus scrolling o... Read More »

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What are the pros and cons of having a wooden frame swimming pool as opposed to a steel or concrete frame?

Answer In above ground models, wood is much better than steel. If you "rough house" in a steel pool, you potentially could knock it down. It you run into it with a bike or lawn tractor you will l... Read More »

How to Mount a Frame for a License Plate Where No Existing Frame Exists?

A lot of times when you bring a car from Missouri or something it'll only have one mount for a license plate. This will draw a lot of unwanted attention from the cops which is bad if, you know, it'... Read More »

How to Make an Easy Window Screen Frame Using a Picture Frame?

Piecing together wood or metal pieces for a frame is the most difficult part of making a window screen, but if you already have a sturdy wooden frame from a picture or painting, the hard part is do... Read More »

Sony Vegas 8 Pro Question. How do I move frame by frame?

left or right arrow will move one frame at a time, up arrow will zoom you in to the time line so that you can see individual frames.