How do i format a hard drive for windows 98?

Answer put the install CD in the cd drive and then restart the computer. When it says press a key to boot from CD, do so. Go through the options and it will ask about partitions. Delete the partition with... Read More »

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Do I have to format a new hard drive when I'm installing Windows XP?

No u dont need to format, just insert cd and boot from cd to install. It will ask you for partition and formatting while installing

How do I format an external hard drive to use with Windows& OS X?

Connect the DrivePlug the external hard drive into an available USB port while your computer is running either Windows or Mac OS X. If your external drive has a power adapter, plug it into a power ... Read More »

How do I format a Windows XP home system hard drive without the original recovery disc.?

Just put the disk in and boot to it. Then when asked select format HDD then it will reinstall xp after formating is completed. Hope this helps :-)

I am unable to format my C drive How can I do format and install windows again ?

A. you can't reformat the hard drive inside the oeprating systemB. you can't do it in the bios like some one else said. unless it is part of a raid sequence.c. simply run the operating system resto... Read More »