How do i format a emachines phoenix awardBios CMOS?

Answer Well if you have the Install CD for the OS you could just reinstall it and you can request it to do a format.

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How can a format my old emachines computer without turning it on?

Possible that it wouldn't support Windows 7 if it is a pretty old system. XP has been around a while though so it is possible that a newer XP system would support Windows 7.As for formatting, if y... Read More »

How to Format a Phoenix BIOS in an Advent 7109B Laptop?

The Advent 7109B laptop uses the Phoenix "Award" version of BIOS, which is the operating system that controls the speed and functionality of the hardware connected to your computer. Formatting the ... Read More »

How much RAM can I add to my eMachines T2085?

An eMachines T2085 is a desktop computer that supports up to 2GB of RAM (Random Access Memory). Its motherboard includes two memory card slots you can use to add memory to your computer. The eMachi... Read More »

Are emachines reliable?

On One Hand: Low Reliability ScoresIn a 2008 PC Magazine survey, eMachine desktops received some of the lowest reliability scores--averaging 7.6 out of 10--while the average Windows computer achiev... Read More »