How do i fix my 32 inch lcd tv on a hollow plasterboard wall?

Answer u need to have the right brackets and self tapping plaster bord screws to find good fixing place by tapping wall till u find a good fixing place

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My son has put a hole through a wall (plasterboard).?

Hi there, its a right pain isnt it?? been there and done it a few times.With small holes, you might able to get away with using newspaper soaked in a thin mix of filler to pack the hole to a little... Read More »

Can I put HDMI cables behind plasterboard wall?

I would like to expand on the answers given. Fire rated cables are highly recommended:…One of the most common cables being run through walls lately has be... Read More »

How do I use a hollow wall anchor?

Where to UseHollow wall anchors are designed to be installed in hollow walls, not into studs or framing. The side of the anchor that is located inside the wall expands, adding extra strength. This ... Read More »

How to Remove Hollow Wall Anchors?

Removing a hollow wall anchor depends on what type of anchor. Hollow wall anchors are either plastic expansion anchors or toggle anchors. Plastic anchors will pull out of the drywall in most instan... Read More »